Travel Destinations to visit before they are gone forever

Travel Destinations to visit before they are gone forever

When looking to take a long and enjoyable vacation, most people want to go to a few select destinations. While it is fun to see Greece, Hawaii or France, many want to hit up places that may disappear in the near future. This may sound crazy, but it is true that, there are certain destinations in various parts of the world that are disappearing. Simply put, with environmental destruction, overdevelopment and rising sea levels, one cannot count on visiting some areas in the near future. With this in mind, here are six travel destinations to visit before they are gone.

Destinations to visit before they are gone!


Maldives: Without a doubt, this should be on a traveler’s short list. Anyone who wants to see these beautiful and magnificent islands should go immediately. With over 1,200 islands to visit, one will not tire of seeing the same place or town. With the Maldives, one can stay in a hut on the water and enjoy some of the freshest and cleanest air in the world. Sadly, with global warming and rising sea levels, this is a destination that may vanish quickly and with little warning. Luckily, it is easy to find cheap flights and hotels for this beautiful and unique spot.

The Great Barrier Reef: When thinking of Australia, most people, inevitably, think of The Great Barrier Reef. This is the most breathtaking coral reef in the world. Sadly, with pollution and warming ocean temperatures, this natural wonder may soon disappear. To understand the beauty and possibly raise awareness about this problem, one should opt to visit this amazing natural wonder before it is gone.

Venice, Italy: When thinking about rising sea levels and cities, most think of Venice, Italy. In this Italian city, one can enjoy amazing foods, great wines and a lot of cool architecture. Unfortunately, the city is sinking quickly, and there is not much scientists or engineers can do about the issue. With rising sea levels, it is only a matter of time before the city is completely submerged. Without a doubt, a world traveler who wants to experience this unique and romantic city should head to Venice, Italy as it might disappear in a short time.

Madagascar: Most people do not think about this island nation. It’s a shame as Madagascar is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse forests in the world. In the past, it was even more unique and interesting. However, after years of logging, poaching and burning, this island is getting decimated quickly. Sadly, due to local government bureaucracy, this is likely to continue and even worsen. To avoid missing out on seeing some truly unique flora and fauna, one should head to this island nation off the east coast of Africa.

The Dead Sea: When traveling to the Middle East, you should check out the Dead Sea. In fact, it may disappear within the next 50 years as the Jordan River does not supply enough water to this world treasure. When at this destination, one can enjoy one of the saltiest bodies of water in the planet. Furthermore, most people, when milling around the area, will enjoy the history of this truly historical gem. Remember, the trends will not reverse, and it is wise to check out this amazing place before it’s too late.

Glacier National Park, Montana: Do pictures of old glaciers, look much larger?. This is likely to continue as global warming is accelerating, and the planet is heating up fast. Fortunately, with a quick visit to Glacier National Park, Montana, one can see 25 active glaciers in their full beauty. Of course, this is in stark contrast to the 19th century when there were over 150 glaciers in this remote park. Either way, when looking to walk among glaciers before it is too late, one should head to Glacier National Park, Montana.

With global warming, wars, development and droughts, one may not get to see their favorite places forever. Without a doubt, a world traveler who wants to see it all must do so now as some cities and structures, natural and artificial, may not be around forever.

Tim Capper spent 15yrs working in the Hospitality Industy and now writes for Luxury Hotel Travel

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