Top 5 Cities to Visit in China

Top 5 Cities to Visit in China

China is such a wonderful country to visit. The sights, sounds, the people are so unique and well worth visiting, probably more then once as its size is immense. Take a quick tour of our Top 5 Cities to visit in China


1. Chengdu


China is known for large pandas, which many consider to be favorite animals. They can be seen in various cities in the zoo, but their homeland is precisely Chengdu.

Chengdu in China

There is a center for breeding pandas, and visitors can even sign up as volunteers and be closer to these cute animals. The town is about 2000 years old and contains a number of historical places. It is also the center of Szechuan food that is known for its spicy taste.


2. Xi’an


This place is perfect for history fans and travelers who want to learn more about the past. This ancient city was the capital of the United China 221 BC and also later during the reign of the Han and Tang dynasty. A rich history has left its traces.

Xian in China

One of them is the Terracotta Army or the collection of more than 7,000 statues of soldiers and horses made of clay that were found in the tomb of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Xian and Terracotta Army

In addition, visitors can enjoy in two Buddhist pagodas, archeological site and a Mosque. The famous Silk Road that run all the way to Europe, start from this city.


3. Shanghai


Shanghai is the most populous city in China, with over 24 million inhabitants. It is also one of the largest cities on the world. It seems like crowded, but the city is certainly recommended to tourists.

Shanghai Panoramic view

They can see a combination of eastern and western world, and a multitude of colonial architecture. As landmarks, stand out Buddha Temple and Julian garden.

Shanghai, old meets new

It is necessary to mention the Huangpu River that offers great view and brake monotonous of city life. However, the biggest impression which can be taken from the city is simple sense of modernity.

Shanghai Gardens


4. Hong Kong


Many people say that Hong Kong is the most unique city on the world. It combines the British colonial and Chinese traditional culture, and therefore is also called the Oriental London.

Hong Kong Skyline

There are many reasons to visit Hong Kong, especially for shopaholics and fashion lovers, considering that the city has huge shopping malls and variety of clothing styles. It is known as an important financial and economic center, not only in China, but also around the world. Visitors who want to rest, should not miss a visit to the island named Lantau.


5. Beijing


Beijing has been the capital of China for 700 years, but it is not the biggest city of country. With 21.5 million people, it is on the second place, behind Shanghai.

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

It is very rich in both, ancient and modern history. The traditional way of life is well preserved in some parts. The main attraction is definitely the Great Wall of China which is the biggest building in the world (8851 km).

Great Wall of China

Top Tip: Take the Difficult path which is much steeper, keep going past the last stragglers and you will have the Wall all to yourself

Also worth visiting the Forbidden City, where is the complex of the best preserved palace and Olympic Village which was built in 2008.


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