Suffolk this Summer

Suffolk this Summer

There are times when people forget about the immense history that is part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is one of those places on earth where the human race has walked for thousands of years.

Visiting Suffolk this Summer

Both Suffolk and the United Kingdom in general share a rich and diverse history. This history is combined with modern technology and entertainment. One can simply walk through the streets of Suffolk and enjoy the energy of the modern age and a sense of connectedness to the origins of humankind.

Suffolk has deep roots and even a few quirky pieces of history. The “Rendlesham Forest incident” is one of the most famous series of UFO sightings in the modern age. This is often referred to as the British version of the American Roswell incident. In 1987, a large storm altered the forest area to such a great degree that it is hard to find the original spot where the incident took place.

Suffolk for the Family

There are a vast number of natural areas to explore with the family, as well as things to see. Young people can appreciate the awe inspiring St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, whether they understand the significance or not.

There is something that is just calming about large bodies of water and the entire family will find Southwold Pier fascinating. Depending on the time of year, there are chartered boat rides and fishing trips that the whole family can take.

If the family likes the feel of a boat, but wants a new type of thrill, then Flo-ridaz Hovercraft is for them. Hovercraft charters and rentals can make for an entire day. This is one of those things that must be experienced to be fully understood. There is truly nothing like it. Speeding along on just about any surface, the hovercraft is a thrill for anyone and everyone.

Africa Alive is easily one of the best zoos in the United Kingdom. This zoo is designed and operating in a safari style setting and gives views of a variety of animals from both a nice safe distance and even some much closer views. There is a petting zoo on the property and several shows that showcase the talents of the animals and provide valuable education.

Suffolk’s Culture

The Theatre Royal was opened in 1819, but is still in full operation. Anyone going here to see a show should arrive at least an hour early and spend some time in the building before everyone else arrives. The atmosphere can and will transport almost anyone back in time.

Closing your eyes, one can almost hear the sounds of shows and music from years gone past. Touching the century old wood work, one can imagine generations past running their hands along the same crown moldings on their way to see the newest play being performed on stage.

Sutton Hoo is both a full museum and a historical site. It is a place of beauty and can take more than a day to fully experience. There are lectures and presentations that can put the vast amount of history into perspective. A single person or the whole family will find this site alluring and hard to leave at the end of the day.

The Willis Building gives a person a little bit more modern look at architecture. This building showcases the unique look that was the 1970’s in the United Kingdom. This is a great example that a work of art does not have to be on canvas and does not have to be hundreds of years old. No other place on earth had the same look as the architecture of the United Kingdom in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Suffolk’s Castles

Anyone that has not already done so needs to visit at least one castle in their lifetime. Suffolk is home to more than 20 castles. There are some that are still fully functional and in the same shape as the day they were built and there are others that are just a few stones walls. No matter which castle a person visits, it will be day that they remember forever.

Whether it is a day trip or a three month vacation, Suffolk can surprise and fascinate anyone and everyone. It can be the family, a couple on their honeymoon or just a curious and fun-seeking single person. There is something for everyone in Suffolk and the summer is a great time to visit.

Suffolk Accommodation

My personal and favourite Boutique Hotel in Suffolk is Kesgrave Hall, part country house, part bouique, family friendly, just fabulous ….. !

Also recommended for basing yourself during this summers Benjamin Britten Centenary Events.


Situated just off the A12 between Ipswich and Woodbridge – the Suffolk Heritage Coast with towns and villages such as Aldeburgh, Southwold, Walberswick and Dunwich are all within a 30 minute drive and well worth a visit.

Kesgrave Hall
Hall Road, Kesgrave
Ipswich, Suffolk

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