Why You Shouldn’t Let Winter Stop You Enjoying A Caravan Holiday

Why You Shouldn’t Let Winter Stop You Enjoying A Caravan Holiday

Let`s face it, the idea of a caravan holiday in the middle of the winter doesn’t fill one with glee.  The prospect of being parked somewhere in the rain or snow, living pretty much outdoors in the cold does not seem like a joyful prospect.  Pause to really think about it though and it actually could be a good idea!

Caravans Have Heating!

They are actually very cosy.  If the cold weather is off-putting, just do the same as at home-turn up the heating!  Caravans don’t tend to be too large, so they will warm up quite quickly, especially if all the family is there.


Great bonus to caravan holidays in general is that they are generally inexpensive.  A few days away with the family can be done for relatively little money.  Petrol, food and a pitch are really the only outgoings, and pitches are almost given away during low season.  Spending quality time with the family away from normal distractions, and everyday lives and problems is second to none.

No Other Tourists

Another bonus to going away during the winter, and hence an off-peak period is that there are much fewer tourists.  There is more potential to find secluded spots and ‘lose yourself’ in the nature when there are less tourists around looking to do the same thing.  Britain especially has beautiful landscapes and nature all year round and it is even nicer when there are no strangers around.

Location Flexibility

Unlike tent campers or people who stay in hotels, the caravaner has a lot more flexibility with regard to places to stay.  While some people prefer to stay in set caravan parks, others like a ‘normal’ campsite, and there are some who are satisfied just pulling up on the lay-by or in a field.   The best thing about caravanning is that you can go anywhere (on public land that is!).

Static Caravans-More like a House than a Caravan

Well, it says it all in the title really.  There are many static caravan parks around the country, and some of these can be larger and more comfortable than a house.  Heating, fully equipped kitchen, fully working bathroom and some of them even have their own gardens!  It`s just like a cosy house.  The parks often have supermarkets, onsite adult and children`s entertainment and are often close to beautiful beaches-perfect for a refreshing stroll whilst wrapped up, before arriving back at the caravan and settling down with a rich cup of hot chocolate.

Pets Welcome

Unlike a lot of other holidays animals are always welcome in the world of caravans.  So if the idea of leaving the new puppy at home fills you with dread, don’t worry, caravanning is the solution.  As long as you have a way of transporting them to and from the settling point, your animal can join on you on your little break.

There are many reasons why the winter shouldn’t stop you from having a caravanning holiday and these are just a few.  Just try and imagine what you think is putting you off, and then have a look and see if there is now a solution!

Tim Capper loves camping whatever the time of year, and excited to take some small caravan breaks this winter. He would recommend HRU for anyone looking to take a comfy caravan break this year.

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