The Pulse And Beauty Of Prague

The Pulse And Beauty Of Prague

Notably, Prague is one of the grandiose destinations in the world today attracting many people for holidays, business trips, to visit friends and relatives and for recreational purposes. It is the capital city of Czech Republic and its popularity has extended all over Europe to the extent of prompting people to make visits with different intentions.

Whatever the intention for your visit is, you can rest assured that it is a city worth visiting and that you will lock your memory with unforgettable experiences during your trip. Here are amazing things to see and experience in Prague.

Visiting Prague (Praha)

Common attractions and sightseeing

Essentially, the city of Prague has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and the most visited attractions that you can include in your travel itinerary include: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle and the islands and meanders of River Vltava. Probably, these places have beautiful designed arts, impressive old buildings and winding streets. For instance, Charles Bridge brags of the 30 statutes lining it and a view of the Prague Caste and Vltava River.

The Old Town Square has an Astronomical Clock that has stood there for hundreds of years and the Prague Castle is thought to have housed a questionable legend, goldsmiths and the renowned writer Franz Kafka in its cute houses. Additionally, the undulating topography has given Prague the beauty and while hills provide stunning vistas, the River Vltava that flows through it for 31km has provided it with amazing islands and meanders.

People and culture of Prague

People of Prague are charming and welcoming to their city and there are aspects of their culture that you must closely observe when you visit. Although there is a splash of modernity to their culture, their medieval castles, traditional breweries, commemorations of communism and the presence of contemporary sculpture await you. Most of their sculptures are weird and quite controversial especially those in Zizkov Television Tower and to say the least some of them can leave your boggling. Additionally, there are local foods that are sweet and delicious.

Prague drinking spots

Prague has numerous pubs that you can grasp your favourite beer or a serious mix of cocktails. There is no limitation in terms of time to drink and that is why people drink all the time. In fact, liquor and other drinks are available in almost all the city’s vast network of bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and cafes which include: U Fleku, Letna Park beer garden, Hemingway Bar and Tretter’s Club only to mention a few.

Hotels in Prague

Despite receiving a lot of tourists during the year, it is possible to find great hotels and accommodations to stay and even hold business meetings in Prague irrespective of whether they are located within the city center or a little far. What is more amazing is that you can easily locate a hotel to book using the web and get direction in relation to the Astronomical Clock. In fact, there are a number of sites that promises hotels that are within the city and even away from the city.

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