Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

Everyone looks forward to family holidays as it provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the family. Though choosing a destination for the same can be quite a task as one needs to keep in mind the demands of all the members of the family especially the children who can get bored very easily. Europe is a great place to spend your family holidays as it has a plethora of family friendly destinations.

Paris in France

The romantic capital of the world Paris is not only the perfect place for the love birds but also an ideal destination to spend a family vacation thanks to the innumerable parks and playgrounds in the French capital city. Apart from go carting at the Luxembourg Garden the children can enjoy the trampoline at the Tuilieries. For children bubbling with energy they can climb the three hundred steps of Notre Dame to have a panoramic view of the city or climb up the beautiful Eiffel Tower as they solve the puzzle designed for the same. While you admire the incomparable Mona Lisa at the Louvre the children can buy magnets of the Egyptian mummies or be fascinated by the colourful pipe and tube façade at the Centre Pompidu.

London in the United Kingdom

The British capital of London is the perfect place to delve into the culture and history of Europe. The cosmopolitan town offers something for every age group. You can admire the grandeur of the palaces of the British Royal Family and see the beautiful Changing of Guard at the Buckingham Palace. The whole family will have adrenaline pumping in their body as they take a ride on the largest Ferris wheel in Europe – the London Eye which offers breathtaking view of the city. A relaxing boat ride on the River Thames will remind the children of the famous nursery rhyme as they cross the London Bridge while one enjoys the other sights of London including the famous Big Ben. As you explore the various museums and art galleries in the city you can take out time to feed the pigeons at the Trafalgar Square.

Vienna in Austria


The Austrian capital of Vienna is a delightful place to spend a family vacation. You can have a romantic time with your partner as you admire the beauty of the city at night as you enjoy an amazing candlelight dinner on the Ferris wheel at the Prater Park. As you spend quality time with your partner the kids can admire the scenery at the park as they rent a bike or jump into the mini train track which will take them round the historic park. For the more adventurous the park offers bike paths, skate parks, horse riding and jungle gym over an area spread over 3,000 acres. The children can try out imitating Mozart as they create a mini orchestra at Haus der Musik park or experience the royalty as they dress up like princes and princesses as they play with the royal toys at the Schonbrunn Palace.

Barcelona in Spain

The cultural Spanish city of Barcelona has been blessed with an amazing coastline and fantastic weather making it a memorable family holiday destination throughout the year. As you walk down the streets of the city you will find the 2,000 years of history unfolding in front of your eyes as you admire the Gothic Quarters and the splendid churches. You can spend your daytime sunbathing at the various beaches in the city or jump aboard the Tranvina Blau to head to the Tibidabo Mountains to have an astounding view of the city. As you enjoy the architecture of the beautiful church the children can enjoy rides at the church grounds while biting into hot dogs and cotton candies. The whole family can have an exhilarating experience as you come face to face with the dreaded sharks at the Barcelona Aquarium which is regarded as the largest aquarium in the world or delve into the treasures of the Mediterranean as you walk under water surrounded by large water tanks.

Split in Croatia

The historic city of Split in Croatia is a perfect place to spend a family vacation. The beauty of the region made the Roman Emperor Diocletian establish this city about 1,700 years back and you can still find the old medieval Mediterranean charm in the city. As you explore the Diocletian’s Palace you will find your children buzzing with excitement as they come face to face with soldiers dressed in the traditional Roman attire. One of the major attractions of the city is that one of most kid-friendly beaches in Croatia – Bacvice Beach is located in the centre of the city making it accessible from any part of the city. Another great thing about Croatia are the cheap accommodation prices, even in the major cities like Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, making it the ideal holiday destination for families on a tight budget.

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