China’s Luxury Hotels at Bargain Prices

China’s Luxury Hotels at Bargain Prices

At one time in China’s luxury hotels you could find everything you could in any other country’s luxury hotels. The finest food, wine and comfortable state rooms were attracting hundreds of rich businessmen who would run up huge banquet room tabs staying there. These days, however, that is no longer the case. China’s President, Xi Jinping, implemented an austerity plan of “Four dishes and a soup” which has severely hurt the luxury hotel sector. The rich businessman who wants more than four dishes and soup are staying away and these luxury hotels have had to cut their room rates dramatically to cope with the severe slowdown in the economy. Food and drink sales have also plummeted and with this, you may think that these luxury hotels would have to close their doors for good.

Despite the demand for these hotels not being what they once were, that hasn’t stopped hotel companies expanding and building more luxury hotels. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide have plans for a dozen more luxury hotels in mainland China and Hilton are planning to build four more of their Waldorf hotels in China. China currently has over 100,000 luxury hotels and another 50,000 are in the planning stages.

Bargain Luxury Hotel Prices in China

This would seem a little odd considering the austerity and anti-corruption measures put in place by the Chinese government as those measures are driving the high paying customers away from the hotels. The answer might be that these hotel chains are expecting a rise in the economy or they may be tailoring their luxury hotels to work with the measures but keep the spirit of luxury. Whatever their plans are, the rooms are going cheap and this would be an excellent time to visit China and stay in a luxury hotel room for a knockdown price.

In Beijing, the Peninsula and Regent hotels are offering rooms at $157 US Dollars per night which is an incredible deal considering that these hotels were originally built to offer rooms at over $700 US Dollars per nights. These hotels still have all the amenities and comfortable luxury surroundings that would expect a 5 star hotel to have, they have only had to cut their prices due to the austerity measures and to attract more trade. It seems to be working as the tourists who are on a budget are flocking to these hotels that were previously unavailable to them.

Travellers on a budget never had it so good with the deals that these five star hotels in China are offering on rooms. With deals on luxury hotels all over China being at an incredibly low price, many of the hotels are quietly offering deals to get customers in the door. It would seem that, on the inside at least, the luxury hotel sector in China is definitely feeling the effects of the austerity measures but instead of publicly complaining about it and dramatically closing their doors they’ve bitten the proverbial bullet and carried on. One such hotel offering the quiet deals is the Four Seasons in Shenzen which offers an $100 credit to new guests, another is the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Shanghai which is offering an amazing buy one night get one free special.

These kind of offers are the type that hotels such as the Dorchester hotel in London and the Plaza hotel in New York City would never dream of offering due to the fear of getting a lower class type of clientele. Beijing’s chataeu hotel, which is modeled on the Chateau Maisons-Laffitte in France, is offering rooms at less than $100 a night. For less than 50 British pounds a night you can stay in a magnificent sprawling chateau style hotel in luxurious comfort. It’s no wonder these deals are being offered quietly as they’d be constantly overbooked by travellers wanting a taste of luxury in the orient.

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